Halloween 2013

by Jenny Thu, October 31 2013 09:22
I was feeling pretty uninspired when it came to decorating for Halloween this year. Kat isn't old enough to remember, her naps are still pretty sucky, and when she is awake, she's pretty demanding of my time. Ryan and I were planning to go to the pumpkin patch with her on the 27th, but then it snowe... [More]

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Freezer Food Exchange: Chili and Cornbread

by Jenny Wed, October 23 2013 13:18
This post is part of my Freezer Food Exchange diary. Similar to a Christmas cookie exchange, a group of people all bring a set amount of food for each participant (a dozen cookies, two frozen 3-4 serving dinners, etc). In this case, everyone made two dinners worth of two dishes for each participant.... [More]

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Thanksgiving 2013

by Jenny Mon, October 14 2013 18:46
We hosted the family Thanksgiving dinner this year with my mom, Ryan's parents, my sister and her family. There were seven adults, two kids under 5, and two non-eating babies under six months. Like most of our big dinners, Ryan was the primary cook, but I played a surprisingly big role considering w... [More]