Thanksgiving 2013

We hosted the family Thanksgiving dinner this year with my mom, Ryan's parents, my sister and her family. There were seven adults, two kids under 5, and two non-eating babies under six months. Like most of our big dinners, Ryan was the primary cook, but I played a surprisingly big role considering we also had our four month old to entertain! Here's our menu:



  • French onion soup from How Sweet It Is. I had made a batch of this several months ago and froze some. Unfortunately, because I'm dairy free, I can't eat it, so we pawned it off on family. Note for next time: throw the kids' portions through the blender to hid the onions and call it 'cheese soup' or similar.

Main course

  • Turkey - "The best roast turkey" from Jamie Oliver's Cook with Jamie
  • Roasted potatoes, parsnips, and carrots from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
  • Mashed yams - with cinamon and maple syrup
  • Mashed potatoes - with olive oil, margarine and truffle oil (I'm currently dairy free so no butter or milk like we'd usually do)
  • Gravy - part of "The best roast turkey" from Jamie Oliver's Cook with Jamie
  • Cranberry sauce from Gordon Ramsay's Family Fare


  • Mini apple pies adapted from Knit and Bake. I used tart shells from Costco and didn't bother with anything over top. Replaced the brown sugar with granulated because I ran out.
  • Mini pumpkin pies adapted from Canadian Living. Again, I used tart shells from Costco. Also excluded the salt, and replaced some of the brown sugar with granulated because I ran out.
  • Ice cream.


Overall, things worked out pretty well (cranky kids excluded). For next year things we'll change are:

  • We'll go with two smaller turkeys instead of a 14lber so it will be easier to calculate the cooking time. This one went over by almost an hour!
  • Ryan has suggested that he may follow the Christmas Dinner menu in Gordon Ramsey's Family Fare.
  • I plan to make the desert the day before, so I'm not getting in Ryan's way during the cooking day. We'll have a toddler to wrangle, so that will be plenty of work on its own!
  • I want to set up the dining room at least the day before next year.
  • We should do the groceries at least two days in advance and put everything together by the dish it will be used in. Hopefully this will save us from a last minute run to the grocery store.
  • On that note, we need to remember to check our tin foil stock before the big cook. It's used to tent so much we had just enough today.
  • Finally, we need to remember to take photos next year. All that yummy food and not a single picture!

 Things I really liked from this year:

  • I got to use my grandmother's tablecloth. She gave it to me when she was out visiting a couple weeks ago and I'm thrilled I got the opportunity to use it already!
  • I will use our china again, but I'd like to get a few more serving dishes in the set, so we don't have to use so many other random dishes. (Though I do love all my plain white serving dishes.)
  • Having take-home containers for everyone to use worked out well. I should see if we can get a better price on them at Costco over the grocery stores. Or stock up on them from Dollarama.
  • Getting to entertain our families in our house - and they suggested we do it again!

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  • Hopefully I can come back and use more of your info, thanks for uploading.

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