Balloon Party: Colouring table

by Jenny Wed, April 23 2014 04:43

Colouring is such an easy way to entertain little kids! A quick search and a few clicks and I was able to print off some pages for the kids at the part to colour. I hit up Micheals on a 50% off Crayola day and picked up a 96 pack of crayons, and some stickers from the dollar store as well. I have a few little plastic containers in my craft room (intended for sparkles or embossing powder, but I haven't put them to use yet) that I'll split the supplies between and we'll cover the table in paper from the Ikea Mala paper roll, which I'll use on the easel when our daughter is a little older. This is a quick way to entertain kids at a primarily adult party (it's for a one year old, I'm not used to entertaining the 2-5 range yet!) that isn't going to be terribly expensive. Here are some of the pictures I picked out, and links to the sources.