Baby Boy Banner printable

We've had a couple new pets at my office recently, and have been throwing small "showers" for the new puppy/kitten daddies. I did up the banner for baby boy pug puppy's daddy and thought it turned out really well. I Inserted a Shape in Word and then applied some formatting to it to get pretty colours (Text Box Styles), add text (Insert Shapes), and then rotate the font to the right direction (Text; I also could have rotated the banner under Arrange and added the text, but this made cutting a bit easier). Next came formatting the text and copy and pasted it for every letter I needed before changing the letters and hitting print. Some quick cutting and making a ribbon out of scotch tape and a simple, pretty banner was ready! Of course, I forgot to take pictures, but here are the templates! Word Docx (12.85 kb) or PDF (92.45 kb)

Halloween 2013

I was feeling pretty uninspired when it came to decorating for Halloween this year. Kat isn't old enough to remember, her naps are still pretty sucky, and when she is awake, she's pretty demanding of my time. Ryan and I were planning to go to the pumpkin patch with her on the 27th, but then it snowed and was windy, and I knew it wouldn't be fun. So I didn't even get a pumpkin! On Monday I sent Ryan to the grocery store to try and pick one up, but apparently they'd been sold out for a few days already. No decorating the front step, then. But how to make it obvious that we have candy (if, by a very random chance, anyone tries to go trick-or-treating on our street)? Browsing Pinterest inspiration finally struck. Window decals! But it's now October 31st and I'm not willing to venture out in search of anything for the windows at this point. A quick search turned up some bat silhouette clip art, which I blew up and printed off. 30 minutes of cutting later, and I have a small flock of bats to hang in my windows. Rather than tape them to the window I attached strings and hung them between the curtains and window, letting them move a little bit so they don't look quite so identical. It also makes them easier to re-use next year!