New Addiction: Pocket scrapbooking

by Jenny Mon, July 07 2014 03:28

I have a new addiction and I've already sunk way too much money in to it... but it's getting me back into something I love!

About a year ago my girlfriend over at Miss Magoo Scraps got in to Project Life and the pocket scrapbooking style of scrapbooking. It has been YEARS since I did any scrapbooking, and as much as I enjoy it, as a high school and university student you don’t really get deep in to it. A lot has changed over the years, and time is much more limited than it was during those days (and even then I struggled to find the time to assemble pages!), so pocket scrapbooking seems like a great way to get our lives down on paper.

The general gist of it is you get a binder, some pocket pages, your photos, and the cards and start assembling. You probably want a good journaling pen, too, so you can write messages on all the journal cards. I’m not a journaller, so that part is going to be a challenge for me to get in to. I’ve already told Ryan that he gets to help with that part! I've put together a cover page for Baby Girl's first album and am looking forward to putting together more soon. I've bought a couple core kits and a half dozen sets of theme cards from Michaels, as well as some sets from Miss Magoo and a couple 1/3 core kits online. I'm waiting on the last of it to arrive so I can organize, and then it's time to get scrapping!