About This Blog

Expect a bit of everything here. We're a couple of DIYers, new parents, and food-lovers. We are big fans of camping, skiing, and hiking. We hope to keep records of all of it.


Category: Before-And-After

I suspect this is pretty obvious. We re-did our entire condo and now have a house to do. Posts in this category won't be frequent, but hopefully they'll be dramatic!

Category: Building

We originally started this blog to keep track of the building process for our new home, but didn't get around to writing as many posts as we'd planned. We may come in and back-fill information on this.

Category: Condo

We started out our marriage living in a small, one bedroom condo, which we still own. We have renovated it pretty extensively. We'll likely post several before-and-afters of it, and maybe a few other things we learned during our time there.

Category: Decorating

This one is all on Jenny. And she admits she isn't great about doing it - often leaving seasonal decorations to the last minute. Maybe blog posts will help improve that timing!

Category: DIY

Expect to see a lot of little (and a few big) projects in here. Hopefully some will be Pinterest worthy!

Category: Food

Ryan is the family chef, but Jenny enjoys dabbling as well, especially baking. Expect to see a couple main tags in here: Freezer Food Exchange (a monthly food swap Jenny takes part in so we don't have to worry about dinner as much), and Cooking Challenge (issued every two weeks, this challenge is launched on a forum Jenny is a member of and features a new recipe or blog). We'll also be posting about other recipes we try and maybe even some restaurants.