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Before and After: Condo Bathroom

Bland, boring, white. Banjo counter. Ugly medicine cabinet. Words that describe the original bathroom in our condo. It all had to go! Let's start at the bottom and work our way up. Flooring: Originally, we had some faux-tile lino that was also in the kitchen and laundry room. For lino, it actual... [More]

The bridge is coming!

I'm happy to share that the much anticipated bridge connecting the avenue just south of our neighborhood to the highway has been scheduled to be built! It's currently in the design phase and proposals are expected in the spring. It is scheduled to be completed in 2015. Hurray! I know it sounds so fa... [More]

Picking a lot

Alright, we’ve decided what neighborhood to live in. Now, where in that neighborhood are we going to build? We were incredibly lucky and got into our neighborhood just as the phase opened up, so we could look at all the options and not point to a lot and say “I wish we could get that one... [More]

Picking a Neighborhood

One of the hardest parts of buying a house is picking a neighborhood. You want nice neighbors, schools, amenities, short commute, and a home that will appreciate in value all within a set budget. [More]

Why did we pick our builder?

There's a lot of home builders out there. What's special about ours that we decide to purchase their product instead of someone else? This is a question I've been asked by a few people so I figure I should address it. Attention to detail: Our builder still uses framing crews. Our house was framed... [More]

Getting started

Hey folks. Last year, Jenny and I started looking for a home. Suffice it to say, our 650 sq. ft. condo isn't cutting it any more. We looked at various show homes in various communities in town, as well as looking to buy a 70's-80's era home that could use some renovations. Those of you who know us k... [More]