Getting started

by Ryan Sun, April 01 2012 10:58

Hey folks. Last year, Jenny and I started looking for a home. Suffice it to say, our 650 sq. ft. condo isn't cutting it any more. We looked at various show homes in various communities in town, as well as looking to buy a 70's-80's era home that could use some renovations. Those of you who know us know that we're not afraid to get our hands dirty. We were leaving our options open. We had looked at neighbourhoods from the deep south to far west end, and come close to buying on a couple occasions. However, life happens and last year just wasn't the right time.

One new neighbourhood stood out for us. It's as far south as you can go in the city, but just west of the main road to the rest of the world. We quickly became fans of the fact that green spaces were laid out before homes were built, and that the architectural guidelines help to ensure that the neighbourhood won't look cookie cutter. There are eventual plans to extend the LRT this far south, and a large commercial space. The price was hard to beat too.

After touring the various show homes, we had decided on a builder. We liked their floor plans, and the sales people were friendly. We registered our information with them and kept appraised of new developments in the area. It was through one of their sales emails that we heard about a deal they were offering for the month of February - a free garage package. Since we were primarily interested in rear lane detached properties, this piqued our interest. After meeting with Mark, our sales associate, we picked a lot, threw down a deposit, and started on the road to home ownership.

We have chosen our floor plan, elevation, and lot. We first got the ball rolling on February 5th and finished consolidation on March 25th. While this is a long period of time to consolidation, this will all get explained and the end result will be worth it. As of March 28th, we had our hole in the ground and the next day, the footings were poured. Here's where we stand right now.

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