Cooking Challenge: (Blog) Sally's Baking Addiction

by Jenny Wed, November 06 2013 17:56

I participate in a bi-weekly cooking challenge on a forum I'm a member of. Every two weeks a participant nominates a recipe or blog for everyone else to cook from.

The challenge for October 25-November 7 was Sally's Baking Addiction. This one was a challenge for me, because I'm also preparing food for the November freezer food exchange, Halloween hit in the middle of the first week (which always seems to mean a crazy week), and I had a bunch of appointments during the second week. And, as baking general requires undivided attention lest you burn stuff, having a baby isn't exactly conducive to successful results.

We had a big bag of apples left in the fridge from when I made mini apple pies for Thanksgiving and totally over-estimated how many apples I'd need, so I decided to give the Apple Chips a shot. They were super easy to make, especially with a mandolin in my cupboard. I don't have a silicon baking sheet, so I used parchment paper instead (despite there being comments saying not to). I tried two thicknesses - the 1/8" thick pieces turned out nice and fairly crispy (could have used another 15 minutes of baking I think). The thicker 3/16" ones were blah. I only made one small apple's worth on my 11x18" pan, which pretty much filled it. I'll make these again, but just sprinkle with cinnamon (no need for the sugar), and I'd do a second dusting after flipping. I'd also make sure to do at least two trays (if not four) at a time to make it feel worth it. One apple for two hours of baking (plus another for cooling) feels like too much (even if the actual work is minimal).